1. 22 April, 1892: Dromore. Special Communication.
  2. The Brethren assembled in the Town Hall at 12 o'clock noon; and thence proceeded in Masonic order to the rooms in Church Street, recently prepared for the accommodation of the members of a new Lodge No. 94.
  3. Having entered the Masonic Rooms the Provincial Grand Lodge was opened in the first degree; after which the Ceremonies of Dedication of the Rooms, Constitution of the Lodge, and Installation of its Officers were conducted according to ancient Masonic custom by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Lord Arthur Hill

History of Warrant No. 94

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Star of West Down Masonic Lodge No. 94

Notable moments during 1919

The Masonic Hall was first located in Church Street, Dromore.

The new Lodge Seal in use today was used for the first time in January 1914.

There were Stated Communications on the following dates with the more notable matters mentioned.

The following were installed for 1919

WM - Bro RD McFadden

SW - Bro J Warden

JW - Bro J Thompson

SD - Bro J Beattie

JD - Bro J McCormick


Despite being an extremely important time in the modern world, the minutes of the Stated Communications were devoid of such worldly matters.

The only points of note were;

The WM and Brethren spoke at length about the way the secretarial duties were being carried out. It was proposed, seconded and passed that the secretary should resign his post.

A charabanc trip was arranged at a cost of £1 1s per member, to include breakfast, dinner and tea.

3 new EA aprons, 3 new FC aprons and 12 MM aprons are to be purchased.

The following payments were made:-

Victoria Jubilee Masonic fund £2 2s

Masonic Boys' School  £15 0s

Masonic Girls' School  £15 0s

Down Widows' Fund   £5 0s

Jubilee Masonic Fund  £5 0s

An account of £6 10s 6d was paid to Dromore Weekly Times for the 1918-1919 circular

A new ballot box was bought at a cost of £3 3s.

It was decided to employ a hall cleaner

Masonic Lodge 49 asked for a subsidy to help pay for their new hall. £5 was sent.

More chairs and floor mats were purchased for the hall.

There was a total of 18 Communications in the year, Stated and Emergency, the average attendance was 30.

There was quite a large number of Degrees conferred upon new Lodge members

17 First Degrees

16 2nd Degrees

14 3rd Degrees were conferred